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    Bhutan+partners connect you to the right partner in Bhutan, inform and advice you about feasibility and possibilities of your plan, provide you with a speaker from Bhutan or the right expert for a consultancy in Bhutan. Bhutan+partners offer organisational support, program coordination, assist in research and  follow-up arrangements.

    Bhutan+partners also renders services to government departments, organisations and enterprises in Bhutan seeking partners in Europe.

    expert centre

    Bhutan+partners provide you with experts or speakers: expert centre

    information and advice

    Bhutan+partners provide information and advice on a wide variety of subjects related to Bhutan:  information and advice

    organisational support

    Bhutan+partners offer organsiational support to make your program or plan with your Bhutanese partner successful: organisational support

    program management

    Bhutan+partners provide program management of international programs carried out in Bhutan with Bhutanese partners: program management


    Bhutan+partners provide assistance in research in Bhutan: research





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