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    Bhutan+partners is a resource and expert centre, connecting people, organisations and businesses, in the areas of culture and sustainable business. Bhutan+partners believe in a durable and inclusive society in which creativity and personal encounters enrich life. Bhutan+partners work with respect for people, environment, history and culture of Bhutan.

    Bhutan+partners maintain a vast network at all levels of society in Bhutan and the Netherlands. Bhutan+partners have easy access to ministries, intellectuals, artists, individuals, the business community, and civil society.


    Bhutan+partners assists people, organisations and businesses in making a connection to Bhutan: match making, expert pool, information and advice, speakers, logistical support, projectmanagement, support of film productions. Visit: bhutan+services


    Bhutan+partners encourage young artists to explore modern arts while working with traditional techniques and images. Thus keeping the best of both. Bhutan+partners support the Bhutan film industry with the bhutan film trust. Visit: bhutan+culture


    Bhutan+partners match businesses in Europe to partners in Bhutan in collaboration with the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce, www.bcci.org.bt, and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).   Visit: bhutan+business




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