October 6, 2014

Everybody Happy Congress de Baak

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L1060835 L1060818 L1060811October 3, 2014 the congress “Everybody Happy” took place in Leusden, The Netherlands. Key Note speaker was the former prime minister HE Jigmi Y. Thinley who spoke on the importance of changing paradigms and practices that exhaust resources and promote consumerism. He also referred to the policies in most countries that place Gross National Product at the core of  politics and decisions for economic growth. What is being often forgotten, according to He Jigmi Y. Thinley is that people do not get happy by their focus on wealth alone. Promoting Culture, preserving environment and practice good leadership and good governance go hand in hand with economic development.

His message was shared and illustrated by many practical examples by Mrs. Jenn Lim, CEO of the Delivering Happiness Company that puts wellbeing of company staff and customers at the core of its business.

The conference hall was packed with over 250 entrepreneurs from different corners of the Netherlands and from a great variety of  businesses. The audience highly appreciated the messages given at the conference.

bhutan+partners organised the logistics for the former PM to participate in the conference as key note speaker


Watch interviews with HE Jigmi Y Thinley 




September 11, 2014

queen of bhutan tulip 2014 for sale

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10342775_761943010504413_8608986080161811489_nThe ‘Queen of Bhutan’ tulip edition 2014 is for sale at bhutan+partners at four euros per bag of five tulip bulbs. This excludes shipping costs.

The ‘Queen of Bhutan’ tulip was personally chosen by her majesty the Queen of Bhutan Ashi Jetsun Pema Wangchuck at the occasion of her Royal Wedding in 2011. Since 2013 the tulips have  flowered in the Bhutanese and Dutch Royal Gardens and in the garden of Bhutan Lovers.

The tulip bulbs can be bought through bhutan+partners by sending a mail to: In a few weeks the tulip bulbs can als0 be obtained in Bhutan through Ms Yanki Tsherings’ shop at the centennial market in Thimphu, Bhutan.

More info at:  Tulip_Info_aug 2014 (1)

Paula-Jongmans_DSC6869Her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan

April 29, 2014

bhutan film trust supports sherubtse film awards 2014

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Sherubtse’s emerging film enthusiasts are organizing their first film awards with 10 films in competition. The final night is slated for 24 May 2014.  In the run-up to the Awards Night, students will attend master classes with Dorji Wangchuk and Tshering Gyeltshen. The group is composed of 35 students-members who are inspired by the works of Bhutanese film makers like Tashi Gylethsen, Tshering Gyeltshen, Khyentse Rimpoche and Dorji Wangchuk. The Bhutan Film Trust supports the event with the prize money of Nu. 40,000.

With support from the Bhutan Film Trust, the group will formalise the Sherubtse Film Club during this very first edition of Sherubtse film awards. Students at other colleges in Bhutan will link to this club and will be encouraged to start making short films and adopt new approaches to filmmaking.

Sherubtse college in East Bhutan is the centre for the: Sherubtse film industry

bhutan+partners coordinate the Bhutan Film Trust:

April 18, 2014

english teacher tharpaling monastery

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Bhutan+partners have selected a British teacher of English for Tharpaling monastery in central Bhutan with assistance of The Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom. The teacher will set up english language classes and teach the monks. It is important to ensure continuation of the lessons for which more volunteers will be needed in future. Native speakers of English or qualified teachers english language with teaching experience interested in this posting can contact bhutan+partners

April 18, 2014

‘the red door’ – submitted film festivals

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Bhutan+partners have submitted ‘the red door’, by Tashi Gyelthsen, to several international film festivals in Europe as well as US and Canada. The film that premiered at the International Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2014 has since then been screened at Freiburg International Film Festival, IFFR Curaçao and Hong Kong International film festival.

Bhutan+partners assist Tashi Gyeltshen promoting  ‘the red door’. Support is part of the preparation phase of the Bhutan Film Trust which is currently being set up by bhutan+partners.

Bhutan Film Trust
face book page the red door

May 24, 2012

article about sports program

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Bhutan Today published an article about the sports coalition in action program in Thimphu Bhutan on 17 May 2012.

The sports program, coordinated by bhutan+partners for the Dutch Ministry of Public Health, Sports and Welfare, will formally be closed down end June 2012.

Mark Blankwater, community sports trainer, will travel to Bhutan from 25 May to 16 June. He will work with the youth workers at chang jiji and will also train a fresh group of youth workers from different departments and NGO’s. Erica Sluyters and Henk de Jong, both bhutan+partners, will travel to Bhutan for the official closure. A toolkit is being written to guide future sports youth workers. For more info about the sportsprogram:

Click on the picture to read the full article

March 8, 2012

86 centimetres – us premiere

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86 centimetres …, Bhutan/The Netherlands, will have it’s US premiere at the 2012 Environmental film festival in Washington on 18 March 2012. Henk de Jong, director bhutan+partners and producer of the film, will attend the premiere which will take place at the national museum of natural history in Washington DC at 3.00 pm.

86 centimetres … is the story of Tashi Dorji, a young farmer, living with his wife, parents and sisters on a small piece of farmland in the Paro Valley.  The threat of a possible GLOF shown on the television alerted Tashi. He decided to join the group of workers, leaving behind his pregnant wife and his family, to work at lake Thorthormi to prevent Bhutan and his family from a tragedy.  However, the travel, work and living in the mountains make it difficult to predict any outcome, failure or success.

The life, work, feelings of hope and doubt of Tashi are captured in a breathtaking environment covered by a glance of fear for an outbreak and the disaster that would follow. Tashi shares his thoughts and feelings in a natural, sympathetic manner.

86 centimetres… follows Tashi from the day he leaves for Lake Thorthormi till his re-union, three months later, with his family.

86 centimetres …  will be presented in Washington with the Bhutan Foundation and shown with the film – Bhutan: land of the black necked crane.

The DVD 86 centimetres … is available through bhutan+partners.

More information: 86 centimetres … flyer and bhutan+business/environment

March 5, 2011

86 centimetres!

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The doc about melting ice in the Himalayan mountains of Bhutan is getting momentum in submissions to international film festivals, pre screenings and publicity.

Earth Beat, a program by Radio Netherlands Worldwide, interviewed Peter Jan van der Burgh (film director) and Henk de Jong (producer) about the documentary 86 centimetres. You can listen to the 11 minutes interview, which is the last part of the spring program.

The Umoja climate fund was moved by the extreme and harsh conditions under which the 340 men working to lower the water level in the Thorthormi lake. It made the board, among which the members of the Dutch Rock Band BLøF, allocate a budget to buy sleeping bags for the workers going up to lake Thorthormi in 2011.

Visit the next webpages and keep yourself posted:
86 Centimetres
Umoja fund
Earth beat -Radio Netherlands worldwide

February 27, 2011

lively relations Bhutan – the Netherlands

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26 February  students, politicians, entrepreneurs and friends of Bhutan celebrated the birthday of HM Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, King of Bhutan,  in the Hague. Guests of Honor were the Bhutan Ambassador in Brussels His Excellency Dasho Sonam Tobden Rabgye and Mrs Erica Terpstra.

Karma Geley spoke on architecture and town planning in Bhutan, Theatre Embassy embarked on their future theatre project in Bhutan, a rough cut of the film ’86 centimetres’ was screened and the new travel book about Bhutan ‘Te Gast in Bhutan’ was presented to the Ambassador and Erica Terpstra.

Erica Terpstra took the opportunity to prepare her trip to Bhutan for Max TV, mid March 2011.

Te gast in Bhutan

February 19, 2011

86 centimetres website on air

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The documentary on the threat of a glacial lake outburst flooding at Thorthormi lake in Bhutan is about  to be released.

The doc, made by TGMI Bhutan, PJ van der Burgh and bhutan+partners, follows Tashi, a young farmer form Paro, fighting to prevent a flood and ecological disaster. He and his 350 mates work three months to manually dig an outlet that should reduce the pressure on the moraine dams of the glacial lakes. If an outburst occurs, land an livelihoods will be destroyed, burdening Bhutan with a  water and economic crisis for several decades.

The doc also shows the thoughts, aspirations and love of Tashi for his family and his country.

Watch the website and the trailer on 86 centimetres


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