September 29, 2016

‘hema hema, sing me a song’ while I wait in amsterdam

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‘Hema Hema, sing me a song while I wait’, by Kyenthse Norbu is the opening film of the Buddhist film festival Europe 2016 on 30 September at the prestigious EYE institute in Amsterdam.

Hema Hema touches on topics like identity and anonymity, illusion and reality and most particular, the transition from life to death and back to life.

Independent Bhutanese film industry is going through an interesting phase, where films like ‘Hema hema’, ‘The red Door’ by Tashi Gyeltshen and ‘Lo sum Choe sum’ and ‘Honey-giver among the Dogs’ by Dechen Roder are internationally recognised.

Introduction by Kyentshe Norbu
Read more about ‘Hema Hema’ bb-hema-hema

June 29, 2016

bhutan film makers at open doors, locarno 2016

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Open Doors programme, Festival del film Locarno, will start discovering the diverse cinematographic landscape of South Asia.  During 3 years, 2016 -2018, the programme will cover among other countries Bhutan.

Tashi Gyeltshen and Kinley Tshering are invited for the Open Doors Hub 2016, Jigme Lhendup for the Open Doors Lab 2016. Dechen Roder’s short feature ‘Lo Sum Choe Sum’ will be screened at the Open Doors Screening in August 2016 together with ‘A forgotten story’ – Tashi Gyeltshen and ‘Monk in the Forrest’ – Karma Wangchuck.

The Bhutan film trust is official partners of Open Doors. Henk de Jong and Erica Sluyters, Bhutan Film Trust will attend the Industry filmmarket at Locarno and have supported the Open Door Team.

The Bhutan film trust is a bhutan+partners initiative and coordinated from the Netherlands till end of 2016.

March 7, 2016

2 films from bhutan at dmff 2016

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Lo Sum Choe Sum.3 copy

The Dutch Mountain Film Festival 2016 selected two films from Bhutan:

‘School among glaciers’ a documentary by Dorji Wangchuk about a teacher posted at Lunana.
‘Lo sum Choe sum’ (3 year, 3 month retreat) a short  by Dechen Roder about the young women Lhamo, can she facing harsh gaze of the world find her own form of retreat?

‘School Among Glaciers': Saturday 12 March 2016,  1 pm – Continium Theater, Kerkrade.
‘Lo sum choe sum’ : Saturday 12 March 2016,  7 pm – Columbus 3D, Kerkrade.

Both films will be introduced by  Henk de Jong, Bhutan Film Trust.

The Bhutan Film Trust, a bhutan+partners initiative, assisted DMFF 2016 with PR material and screening formats.

The  program for Super Saturday

August 6, 2015

women and archery in bhutan

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Willem Trienekens, former president of the Dutch Archery Federation, visited Bhutan late 2014, together with Suzan Trienekens. Mr Trienekens advised the Bhutan Archery Federation about training programmes and supported Bhutanese archers and the national organisation ever since his first visit to the country in 2001. Willem, together with bhutan+partners, also organised the training program for the Bhutanese archers in the Netherlands as part of their preparation  for the Olympic games in Athens in 2004.

Suzan Trienekens wrote an article about women and archery in Bhutan for the Dutch Archery Magazine. She did translate the article for Bhutanese friends! Here it is: Women and archery Bhutan

June 24, 2015

ray seif supports bhutan film trust staff

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Ray Seif assistes bhutan+partners staff in the Netherlands with it’s Bhutan Film Trust activities since June 1, 2015. Ray has just completed his Bachelor of Business Administration, Media & Entertainment Management.

Ray will make an inventory of Bhutanese films and register the films included in the Bhutan Film Trust portfolio with Without-a-box and IMdB. Ray will also help set up a marketing and distribution strategy and investigate funding opportunities for the Trust.

February 11, 2015

bhutan international festival 2015

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Thimphu hosts the Bhutan International Festival from 14 to 23 February 2015. ‘The festival is a non profit annual event. Working to build a resilient platform for the ongoing support of the creative arts in Bhutan. It’s mission is to provide a new outlet for artists from across the nation, and invite a cultural exchange with artists from around the world.’ With a national arts exhibition, photo competition, film festival, concerts, food section and workshops the festival program attracts visitors as well as professional artists and musicians.

The Bhutan Film Trust, coordinated by bhutan+partners, supports the Bhutan International Film Festival which is a major event of the Festival. The Bhutan film Trust also promotes the opening film Kushuthara – pattern of love, by Karma Deki. Her film is included in the Bhutan Film Trust portfolio.

February 5, 2015

bhutan films travel

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The short ‘Lo Sum Choe Sum”- three years, three months retreat – by young film professional Dechen Roder will be screened at Berlin International Film festival, 5 – 15 February 2015. Ms Roder travels to Berlin to attend the screening and expand her professional network.

‘The Red Door’, short by Tashi Gyeltshen is screened at Jaipur International Film festival, 1 – 5 February 2015, and is nominated in the competition category short fiction. Mr Gyeltshen attends the festival to expand his network and takes the opportunity to meet other international film makers. ‘The Red Door’ will also be screened at the Dutch Mountain Film festival, 23 February – 1 March 2015 in The Netherlands. ‘The Red Door’  competes for the DMFF Award.

The Bhutan Film Trust support Dechen Roder and Tashi Gyeltshen among other artists from Bhutan.

January 26, 2015

bhutan film trust portfolio

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The Bhutan Film Trust portfolio includes films by Tashi Gyeltshen and Dechen Roder among others and the animation Ap Bokto. For information also visit the Bhutan Film Trust website – and face book page.

December 5, 2014

bhutan film trust website launched

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The Bhutan Film Trust website and face book page will officially be launched today, 5th December 2014 in Thimphu Bhutan at an informal gathering with filmmakers and others connected to the film industry. The website informs Bhutanese filmmakers about the activities of the Bhutan Film Trust. The trust also assists International film makers and International Film festivals wanting to connect to Bhutan. The face book page will update you on the latest news regarding films and filming in Bhutan.

October 31, 2014

‘the red door’ officially selected dmff

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laurel14 ‘The Red Door’ 15 minutes short film by Tashi Gyeltshen, with the theme ‘ we carry our own death’ was officially selected for the Dutch Mountain Film Festival Februari 25 – March 1, 2015.

‘The Red Door’ follows the metaphorical journey of a Bhutanese man during the various phases os his life. Tashi Gyeltshen comes to terms with his cousin’s suicide in this minimal, but meaningful tale. If reincarnation exists, death is a new start.

Postproduction of ‘The Red Door’ was supported by the Bhutan Film Trust.

‘The Red Door’ premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014, and was screened in several European countries and at the Hong Kong International Film festival.

interview with Tashi Gyeltshen
Facebook ‘The Red Door

trailer ‘ The Red Door’


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