April 21, 2016

new president bcci

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Aum Phub Zam, chairperson of Yarkay Group, was elected the first female president in the 36-year history of the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 20 April 2016.

Aum Phub Zam stated that ‘The government and private sector should work together instead of working as two separate entities’. She spoke about the need to strengthen the relationship between the two. She expressed her willingness to work closely with the government and to take on board the voices of the business community.

She also said she will continue with the chamber’s initiative to improve rural economy. “We have to take everyone on board; the chamber is not only for big businesses.”

full article: Kuensel April 21 – BCCI elects first woman president

June 24, 2015

investment guide to bhutan

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With the launch of an online investment guide to Bhutan, investors – local and foreign – can now access information for setting up business:

Bhutan+partners have an extensive network among the business community in Bhutan and easy access to government offices. Bhutan+partners provided knowledge and expertise to make business connections with Bhutan successful and valuable for all partners involved – bhutan+business.

For information and assistance don’t hesitate to contact Henk de Jong, bhutan+partners: +31 6 207 393 62.

October 6, 2014

Everybody Happy Congress de Baak

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L1060835 L1060818 L1060811October 3, 2014 the congress “Everybody Happy” took place in Leusden, The Netherlands. Key Note speaker was the former prime minister HE Jigmi Y. Thinley who spoke on the importance of changing paradigms and practices that exhaust resources and promote consumerism. He also referred to the policies in most countries that place Gross National Product at the core of  politics and decisions for economic growth. What is being often forgotten, according to He Jigmi Y. Thinley is that people do not get happy by their focus on wealth alone. Promoting Culture, preserving environment and practice good leadership and good governance go hand in hand with economic development.

His message was shared and illustrated by many practical examples by Mrs. Jenn Lim, CEO of the Delivering Happiness Company that puts wellbeing of company staff and customers at the core of its business.

The conference hall was packed with over 250 entrepreneurs from different corners of the Netherlands and from a great variety of  businesses. The audience highly appreciated the messages given at the conference.

bhutan+partners organised the logistics for the former PM to participate in the conference as key note speaker


Watch interviews with HE Jigmi Y Thinley 




September 4, 2014

congress ‘everybody happy’ – 3 october 2014

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Jigmi Y. ThinleyManagement training and event centre De Baak, the Netherlands is organising the “Everybody Happy” congress for entrepreneurs on October 3, 2014. Not that long ago, boardrooms or political meetings would echo with derision at the idea of anyone trying to put ‘happiness’ on the agenda. But now it has become a topic which both intrigues and inspires.

Happiness appears to be the ultimate factor for business success and for society’s quality. People work together better and make more of society if they are happy. De Baak is highly honoured to host a contribution from H.E. Jigmi Y. Thinley, former Prime Minister of Bhutan – the only country in the world where Gross National Happiness is measured each year.

Jenn LimCEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness will explain  how happiness contributes to brilliant business results. Jenn was co-author of the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, founder of online retailer Zappos. bhutan+partners is supporting De Baak with advice and clips with interviews of H.E Jigmi Y. Thinley on Gross National Happiness and environmental changes. Clips with H.E. Jigmi Y. Thinley on the Conference Everybody Happy (August 2014) and Climate Change (August 2010)

July 2, 2014

bhutan+partners – dhi begin programme 2014

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Henk de Jong, bhutan+partners, is involved in the DHI Growth and Innovation BEGIN programme in Bhutan, 2014. The program seeks to mainstream entrepreneurship by providing comprehensive training, financial support to highly motivated entrepreneurs and sustainable mentoring system. Henk will join a panel  that gives feedback to trainees presenting their draft business plans and will also give a motivational talk.

Besides his role in the BEGIN programme he  will also follow up on the MoU’s with DHI, BCCI and TTPL.

March 20, 2014

search for investors in sustainability

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Bhutan+partners is  searching for business prospects and partners to work under the Sustainable Water Fund and the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security  with grants from 50 – 70% of the total investment ranging from 500.000 euros up to 4 million euros. Bhutan offers ample investment opportunities in water management and safe delta’s, sustainable entrepreneurship and food security for the local market and for export to the Asian region and, for niche products, to Europe and US. Prospects: dry ports, drainage systems, organic food production, medicinal herbs, wellness products, perfume ingredients.

Enterprises, public or semi public institutions and NGO’s interested in doing business with European and Bhutanese partners that intend to apply for grants under the given calls, please contact Mr. Henk de Jong, bhutan+partners at or at +31 313 412098

more information bhutan_aug2012-business2  brochure

bhutan+partners is a member  of MVO Nederland and a partner of Druk Holding&InvestmentsBhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Thimphu Tech Park Limited

Thimphu day shopping

March 19, 2014

bhutan+partners business advisor for dutch government

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Bhutan+partners has become official advisor for  the Netherlands Government International Business Program to support starting Dutch companies doing business abroad. The companies can apply for advisory vouchers to receive assistance from well experienced advisors.

Bhutan+partners can support any Dutch based SME (MKB) company interested doing business in any country, however its expertise is mainly on matching businesses from the Netherlands (Europe) to Bhutanese partners.

Vouchers can be obtained: Starters International Program
brochure SIB_mrt14

For further enquiries contact:  Mr Henk de Jong at or at +31 313 412098 

Thimphu day shopping


December 16, 2012

bhutan business prospects

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bhutan+partners successfully connected the Netherlands Senior Management Program (PUM) and the Netherlands Import Promotion from Developing CountriesProgram (CBI) to partners in Bhutan. The programs will come into effect in 2013.

The brochure on Bhutan business prospects can be downloaded: bhutan business prospects

December 4, 2012

strategic partnership signed with DHI Bhutan

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December 4, the CEO of Druk Holding &Investments, Mr. Karma Yongten and bhutan+partners director, Mr. Henk de Jong signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration in the domains of business to business, private sector development and entrepreneurship promotion in Bhutan.
The MoU serves as an instrument to direct and investigate business opportunities between Bhutan and West Europe in the areas of (among others): construction, food production and minerals.
The possibility to create a centre for entrepreneurship promotion in Bhutan will be assessed and advocated

November 21, 2012

henk de jong visits bhutan

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Henk de Jong, director bhutan+partners visits Bhutan from 11 November to 5 December 2012.

Henk will discuss the possibilities for a centre for entrepreneurs in Bhutan and the establishment of the Bhutan Film Society and the Bhutan Film fund.

De bhutan+partners director will also prepare the visit of the PUM (senior management program) representative visiting Bhutan from 27 November to 2 December 2012 and facilitates the Bhutan participation in the CBI (export promotion) programs on home decorations, textiles and food ingredients.

The launch of the Queen of Bhutan tulip in Thimphu is expected to take place during his stay and finally Henk will participate in the bi-annual friends of Bhutan meeting in Thimphu from 27 to 29 November.


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