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    Bhutan+partners believe that culture is important to keep a society vibrant and alive and it’s people connected. Bhutan+partners encourage young artists to explore modern arts, different music styles, theatrical forms and other ways of artistic expression while working with traditional techniques and images. Thus keeping the best of both.

    bhutan film trust

    Bhutan+partners set up The Bhutan Film Trust to support the Bhutan film industry: Bhutan Film Trust

    film production

    Bhutan+partners together with TGMI, Bhutan, support international film producers and media to film and work in Bhutan: film production

    art of living

    Buddhist concepts of compassion, care for the environment and community are embedded in day to day life and passed on from one generation to the next in Bhutan.

    Bhutan+partners connect people and organisations who want to learn, be inspired and make a change for the future: art of living

    arts and literature

    Bhutan+partners encourage young artists to explore new ways of expression and encourage talented writers: arts and literature



    Bhutan+partners assist European journalists traveling to Bhutan and Bhutanese journalists traveling to Europe for professional reporting. Bhutan+partners also encourage development of media institutions and fora: media


    Bhutan+partners encourage music eduction and western musicians to perform and support Bhutanese musicians: music

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