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    The fast moving business environment of Asia creates opportunities and new markets for companies world wide. Bhutan has potential for social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility as policies are measured along Gross National Happiness (GNH) standards: good governance, sustainable economic development, preservation of culture and protection of its pristine ecological environment.

    Being successful in business in Bhutan, you have to find the right connections, the best locations and sufficient funding. Bhutan+partners understand your business challenges prior to delivering services. Our goal is to be the bridge and connection for you and your employees to your Bhutanese partner.

    Bhutan+partners services include: market research, matchmaking, subsidy consultancy, feasibility studies, recruitment, location search, logistics, intercultural training and coaching.

    Bhutan+partners have an extensive network among the Bhutanese business community and easy access to government offices. Bhutan+partners provide knowledge and expertise to make business connections with Bhutan successful and valuable for all partners involved.

    Bhutan+partners have partnership agreements with the Bhutan Chamber of CommerceDHI and Thimphu Tech Park

    Bhutan+partners closely collaborate with the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bhutan and The Netherlands, is advisor to the Starters  International Business program (RVO) and member of CSR Netherlands

    Bhutan+partners together with the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce establish a Bhutan-Europe Chamber of Commerce to support, facilitate and generate business opportunities for foreign direct investment (FDI): chamber of commerce.

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