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    rockin’ the himalayan kingdom – bløf in bhutan

    ‘Rockin’ the Himalayan Kingdom – Bløf in Bhutan’ is a tribute to the encounter of musicians and their music. Dorji Wangchuk, film director, made the documentary about  the Dutch Bløf band members and Jigme Drukpa; a heart warming story of two worlds coming together, of artists from two cultures engaged in one common pursuit – unity and peace through music.  The documentary was broadcasted by Llink in 2006 and reached 300.000 people in the Netherlands.

    ‘Rockin’ the  Himalayan Kingdom’ was produced by Chenzig, Bhutan and bhutan+partners, the Netherlands in association with LLink, services the Netherlands. The Documentary was supported by Llink, the Royal Dutch Embassy in New Delhi, the province of Zeeland and NCDO.

    Bhutan+partners secured funds and leased with Dorji Wangchuk and his film team and the Dutch Bløf members while the film material was shot in Bhutan. Bhutan+partners also supported Dorji and Llink during the post-production period.

    Copy rights for the documentary are with bhutan+partners and Dorji Wangchuk.