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    Bhutan+partners were involved in film and book productions, organized a conference on gross national happiness in The Netherlands, initiated and supported cultural events and sports programs. People and organizations in Europe and Bhutan were connected and inspired.

    major programs

    2013-2014: Bhutan Film Trust – initiated BFT and co-ordinate preparation phase
    Partners: Bhutan film industry – Bhutan

    2011-2013: ‘Queen of Bhutan’ Tulip – initiated newly cultivated Dutch tulip bulb as a wedding gift to the Queen of Bhutan, official registerion in the International Tulip Registrar in 2013 and assistance Gardeners shop, selling point of tulip in Bhutan. Partners: Gardeners shop, RGOB – Bhutan, Royal Netherlands Embassy India, Fluwel – The Netherlands.

    2011: media coverage Royal Wedding Bhutan – initiated four-member delegation to Bhutan and arranged all travel and formal procedures including accreditation to cover the Royal Wedding
    Partners: RGOB, YDF, Bhutan Olympic committee – Bhutan, Media The Netherlands

    2009 – 2012: Sport Coalitions in Action Program – executive agency
    Partners: YDF, RGOB – ministry of education – Bhutan, ministrie van VWSUSBO, Mark Blankwater, Mainline and Doenja Dienstverlening – The Netherlands

    2009: The circle of Karma – promoted the book and assisted in translation of Kunzang Choden’s novel into Dutch ‘ Tsomo’s Karma’, published by De Geus
    Partners: Kunzang Choden – Bhutan, De Geus and Prince Claus Fund – The Netherlands

    2010: first piano tuner bhutan – initiated, assisted and coordinated training of Samten Chophhel as the first piano tuner for Bhutan, secured funds
    Partners: Dutch consulate Thimphu, Kilu Music School – Bhutan, HMC , Simon Jorritsma – The Netherlands

    2008: Grand piano for Bhutan and classical piano concert, a gift  for the Centenary Celebrations to Bhutan – coordination of the complete program
    Partners: RGOB and CCCI – Bhutan, Leo van Doeselaar and Wyneke Jordans, individual sponsors – the Netherlands, SFOOP, Transpack Shipping, HMC and Bløf – The Netherlands

    2008: Himalaya Trial, a classic car rally, and Road to Bhutan, a discovery tour – production Bhutan section
    Partners: RGOB ministries of foreign affairs and Tourism – Bhutan, Classic Events and Arnold Pilon – The Netherlands

    2006: Kuju Lukhang and Jigme Drukpa on tour through the Netherlands – supported Mundial Productions with arrangements and logistics
    Partners: RGOB, RAPA, Kuju Lukhang – Bhutan, Mundial Productions, – The Netherlands

    2006: Bløf to Bhutan the Music – logistical support and arrangements in Bhutan for the Umoja project
    Partners: RGOB and Jigme Drukpa – Bhutan; Bløf – The Netherlands

    2004 – 2007: Sports and Education program – coordination of the program in Bhutan Partners: Ministry of Education, department of youth and sports RGOB – Bhutan, PSO –  The Netherlands

    2005: Bhutan Archery Federation nomination Prince Claus Fund Award – supported the nomination connected PCF to resource person in Bhutan
    Partner: Prince Claus Fund – The Netherlands

    2004: Bow between two worlds – arrangements preparation phase for photo book about archery in Bhutan and the province of Zeeland in The Netherlands
    Partners: Bhutan Archery Federation and RGOB – Bhutan, Roel Burgler and COS Zeeland –  The Netherlands

    2004: logistics and preperations for Bhutanese archers Tshering Choden and Tashi Penjore to train in The Netherlands for the Athens Olympics – arrange funding and hosting in the Netherlands for three-months period
    Partners: RGOB and Bhutan Archery Federation – Bhutan, Netherlands Archery Federation – The Netherlands

    2003: Gross National Happiness Conference – organization of the conference and program content  in the Netherlands
    Partners: Centre for Bhutan Studies – Bhutan, ISVW School for Philosophy, NCDO and HIVOS – The Netherlands

    2002: The Other Final – organization of the alternative football World Cup final between Bhutan and Montserrat in Bhutan
    RGOB – Bhutan, Kessels Kramer – The Netherlands


    2014: ‘Nazhoen Chharo‘ – re-edite and prepare celluloid version of feature film on urban youth gangs in the capital of Bhutan by director Dorji Wangchuk
    Partners: Dorji Wangchuk – Bhutan, Peterjan van der Burgh – The Netherlands

    2013-2014: Laura Brüggen and the opera Bhutan – executive production
    Partners: TGMI, Department of Culture RGOB, Opera Bhutan directors – Bhutan, Laura Brüggen, Peter Jan van der Burgh – The Netherlands

    2012: ‘Zonnige Groeten’ , Tom Waes to Bhutan – line production for de Mensen/VRT, Belgium
    Partners: Etho Metho, RGOB, Bicma – Bhutan, De Mensen – Belgium

    2010 – 2012:  ‘86 centimetres… – production of 39′ documentary on the threats of climate change for the people of Bhutan
    partners: TGMI, RGOB – Bhutan
    , Peterjan van der Burgh – The Netherlands, www.86centimetres.org

    2011: ‘Erica op Reis’, Erica Terpstra travel program: Bhutan – line production for Niehe Media, broadcasted by Max broadcasting Services
    Partners: Thukten Yeshi, RGOB, Bicma – Bhutan, Niehe Media – The Netherlands

    2007: ‘3opReis’, Floortje Dessing in Bhutan – line production for Llink television, Netherlands
    Partners: RGOB, Bicma, Thukten Yeshi – Bhutan, Llink – The Netherlands

    2006: ‘Rocking the Himalayan Kingdom – Bløf in Bhutan’ – production of documentary by Dorji Wangchuk
    Partners: Dorji Wanchuk, RGOB – Bhutan, Llink, Province of Zeeland, Royal Dutch Embassy India and NCDO –  The Netherlands

    2004: ‘The Female Archer of Bhutan‘ – line production documentary about Tshering Choden the first female olympic archery player of Bhutan
    Partners: Tshering Choden and RGOB, Bicma – Bhutan, Arte tv,  Holger Riedel – Germany

    2002: ‘The Other Final ‘- line production of this prize winning film about the alternative football world cup between Bhutan and Montserrat
    partners: RGOB, Bicma – Bhutan, 
    Kessels Kramer – the Netherlands

    bhutan+partners filmography: bhutan+productions



    The Other Final 2002

    Bhutan sports development got a boost when it hosted The Other Final between the two lowest FIFA ranked football clubs in the world: Montserrat and Bhutan in 2002. The match, organized and financed by KesselsKramer, Amsterdam, became a prime time news item worldwide. The event in Bhutan, organized by bhutan+partners, resulted in an increase of sports clubs and stimulated many youngsters to engage in sport activities. Bhutan felt an increase of tourists from Europe, Japan, Korea and Thailand after screening of the award winning  film, the Other Final.

    The Other Final


    Bløf in Bhutan, 2006

    The Dutch band Bløf performed the first ever rock concert in Bhutan for an audience of 15.000 screaming music lovers at the clock tower square in Thimphu. The historical and breathtaking concert was a blend of Bhutanese traditional music, performed by Jigma Drukpa and Dutch rockmusic. Dorji Wangchuk followed the band and Jigme Drukpa in Bhutan. His film, Bløf in Bhutan  was screened three times in the Netherlands by LLink and was watched by  500.000 Dutch people, late 2008. Blof issued a pictorial book on their remarkable journey to Bhutan. The song title of the first Blof feature film was derived form the song composed in Bhutan: “een manier om thuis te komen” ( a way of coming home).

    Bhutan+partners organized all the events in Bhutan for Bløf and is the executive producer of the documentary.

    Bløf in Bhutan – Umoja


    Grand Piano for Bhutan, 2008

    A grand piano was shipped from the Netherlands to Bhutan as a gift and to support classical concerts and music training. The grand piano arrived together with a classical car rally and a sponsor tour of cars travelling the difficult and sometimes dangerous route through Europe, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal to Bhutan. The piano was played in Bhutan at a first time ever classical piano recital in the capital of Thimphu by the Dutch musicians Wyneke Jordans and Leo van Doeselaar. A talented young man, Samten Chhophel, studied piano tuning and techniques and followed piano lessons in the Netherlands in 2009-2010. He returned to Thimphu, June 2010, as the first professional piano tuner/technician and piano teacher of Bhutan origin.

    Grand piano for Bhutan

    Classical car rally, 2008

    The Himalya trial brought 35 classical cars to Bhutan over land. The group had travelled over 15.000 kilometres within 45 days.

    Road to Bhutan, a group of 15 old land rovers and some classical cars also traveld over land from the Netherlands to Bhutan. Two musicians joined road to bhutan and a film was made of their journey.

    Both groups entered Bhutan via Gelephu and joined the centenary celebrations in thimphu in November 2008

    Classical car Rally – the Netherlands to Bhutan
    Road to Bhutan

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