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September 29, 2016

‘hema hema, sing me a song’ while I wait in amsterdam

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‘Hema Hema, sing me a song while I wait’, by Kyenthse Norbu is the opening film of the Buddhist film festival Europe 2016 on 30 September at the prestigious EYE institute in Amsterdam.

Hema Hema touches on topics like identity and anonymity, illusion and reality and most particular, the transition from life to death and back to life.

Independent Bhutanese film industry is going through an interesting phase, where films like ‘Hema hema’, ‘The red Door’ by Tashi Gyeltshen and ‘Lo sum Choe sum’ and ‘Honey-giver among the Dogs’ by Dechen Roder are internationally recognised.

Introduction by Kyentshe Norbu
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