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August 6, 2015

women and archery in bhutan

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Willem Trienekens, former president of the Dutch Archery Federation, visited Bhutan late 2014, together with Suzan Trienekens. Mr Trienekens advised the Bhutan Archery Federation about training programmes and supported Bhutanese archers and the national organisation ever since his first visit to the country in 2001. Willem, together with bhutan+partners, also organised the training program for the Bhutanese archers in the Netherlands as part of their preparation  for the Olympic games in Athens in 2004.

Suzan Trienekens wrote an article about women and archery in Bhutan for the Dutch Archery Magazine. She did translate the article for Bhutanese friends! Here it is: Women and archery Bhutan

June 24, 2015

ray seif supports bhutan film trust staff

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Ray Seif assistes bhutan+partners staff in the Netherlands with it’s Bhutan Film Trust activities since June 1, 2015. Ray has just completed his Bachelor of Business Administration, Media & Entertainment Management.

Ray will make an inventory of Bhutanese films and register the films included in the Bhutan Film Trust portfolio with Without-a-box and IMdB. Ray will also help set up a marketing and distribution strategy and investigate funding opportunities for the Trust.

June 24, 2015

investment guide to bhutan

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With the launch of an online investment guide to Bhutan, investors – local and foreign – can now access information for setting up business:

Bhutan+partners have an extensive network among the business community in Bhutan and easy access to government offices. Bhutan+partners provided knowledge and expertise to make business connections with Bhutan successful and valuable for all partners involved – bhutan+business.

For information and assistance don’t hesitate to contact Henk de Jong, bhutan+partners: +31 6 207 393 62.