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May 15, 2014

the archers of bhutan now on you tube

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Tshering Choden is Bhutan’s first female Olympic archery player, a role model for many Bhutanese young girls.

Holger Riedel, Compass film, flew to Bhutan in 2004 to  follow Tshering Choden while she was preparing for the Olympic games in Athens in 2004. Holger produced the documentary Bhutan Bogenschutz for Olympia (Bhutan’s first female archery player). ARTE screened the documentary in Germany.

The full documentary about Tshering Choden – ‘The archers of Bhutan’  – is now available on you tube.

Bhutan+partners assisted in the line production of the documentary and supported the company to produce an English version of the film, thus making it accessible for the English speaking public: bhutan’s first female Olympic archery player


May 8, 2014

tom waes in bhutan – broadcasted in the netherlands

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Tom Waes, Belgium, travelled through the world in 2013 for his travel program ‘Reizen Waes’, which was produced by production company De Mensen. Tom also went to Bhutan and travelled up to Ura in the Central region of Bhutan.

The travel program with Tom in Bhutan was broadcasted on Public channel Een in Belgium in October 2013 and 450,000 people watched it when it was broadcasted in the Netherlands on the public channel Ned 3, VPRO on 9 May 2014 – VPRO buitenland

Bhutan+partners assisted the research team of production company De Mensen, and supported with logistics and formal film procedures.