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October 4, 2013

laura bruggen concert master at opera bhutan

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Dutch violist, Laura Bruggen, is the concertmaster at the opera Bhutan, the first ever opera to be preformed in Thimphu on 12 October 2013.

Acis and Galathea, by Handel, is based on an ancient myth that celebrates the triumph of compassion and goodness over anger, greed and ignorance. The opera will be performed by artists from Bhutan and abroad.

Laura Bruggen, supported by bhutan+partners, arrived in Thimphu on tuesday 1 October 2013. She started working with the orchestra, preparing them for the performance at the Royal Textile Museum in Thimphu on 12th. Henk de Jong, bhutan+partners, together with a Bhutanese film crew follow Laura and her quest to reach the almost impossible: prepare the orchestra, for the official performance within 10 days!

The opera is brought to Bhutan by Aaron Carpene – Australian musician, Stefano Vizioli – Italian stage director, and Preston Scott – American project coordinator and is sponsored by UTEP with assistance from Smithsonian Institution, bhutan+partners, and Australian and Italian supporters.

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