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June 2, 2013

raven publishes article on dutch ‘orange king’

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‘Dawn of an Orange King’ is the title of a four-page article published in the Raven Magazine, issue 7, May/June 2013. The article is written by Jurmi Chhowing. Jurmi arrived in the Netherlands a day ahead of the abdication of then Queen Beatrix and the inauguration of the new King of Orange, King Willem Alexander, on 30 April 2013. Jurmi attended the official press meetings in Amsterdam and joined the crowd at the celebrations.

Jurmi was among the first visitors at the re-opened van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. His picture, while admiring van Gogh’s sunflowers, appeared in one of the largest Dutch newspapers. Jurmi will remain in the Netherlands till mid July, to extend his network and write about Dutch society and local initiatives to improve social cohesion, inspired by the principles of Gross National Happiness.

Bhutan+partners invited Jurmi to come to the Netherlands and connected him to the Royal Office of Media and others.

Full article: the raven

Jurmi Chhowing at van Gogh museum Amsterdam: