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March 27, 2013

‘queen of bhutan’ tulip in full bloom in bhutan

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photo by Tashi Yetsho

Bhutan+partners received some beautiful pictures of flowering Queen of Bhutan tulips from Bhutanese.

The tulip was a gift to her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan on the occasion of her Royal wedding in October 2011. The tulip was launched in 2012.

We invite you to send your pictures of ‘Queen of Bhutan’ tulips to bhutan+partners, preferably high resolution for the bhutan+partners webpage.

March 20, 2013

happiness, a bhutanese perspective

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One of our dear friends, the writer, journalist and film maker Dorji Wangchuck, presented his view on  happiness at the King congress in the Netherlands, January 2013. In his speech Dorji refers to contentment, leadership, sharing and a vivid community.

Enjoy 14 minutes of Dorji’s  presentation.

We also add an interview with  His Eminence Dzongsar Jamyang Kyentse on Buddhism, the education system and GNH values: GNH and Buddhism

March 11, 2013

’86centimetres…’ at water docs international film festival, toronto

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86 centimetres…’ will be screened at the  Water Docs International Film Festival, 21 March 2013, Toronto at the opening night.

’86 centimetres…’ is a documentary by filmmakers Peterjan van der Burgh & Tshering Gyeltshen,
© bhutan+partners is the executive producer.

’86 centimetres…’ is set in Bhutan, an idyllic kingdom nestled in the Himalayas. With seventy percent of the country under forest cover, Bhutan’s pristine ecology is home to rare and endangered flora and fauna. However, this hotspot of environmental conservation is facing the indisputable effects of global warming. Rapid melting of ice is weakening the walls of Bhutan’s Himalayan glacial lakes, which could cause massive glacial floods. The only way to prevent this tragedy is to build a drainage system and lower the water level of the lake by six meters. The film documents the first-year efforts of an intrepid team of men who battle hail storms, ice cold winds, and freezing sub-zero temperatures as they set out to drain the lake manually.

’86 centimetres…’ will also be screened at the first Bhutan Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary, April 2013. Details will follow.