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July 29, 2012

bhutan archers and dutch cyclists at london olympics

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The Bhutan Olympic team presented itself at the opening of the Olympic games, 27 July 2012. The Olympic archer Mrs. Sherab Zam and Mrs Kunzang Choden, 10 mtr air rifle, both received wild cards. The UK Honorary Consul to Bhutan, Mr Michael Rutland, joined the team in London.

Sherab strained one week in the Netherlands followed by a three weeks training camp in UK. She is accompanied by her trainer, former Olympic archer Tshering Choden. Sherab ranked 61 out of 64 female players. Mrs Kunzang Choden ranked 56 out of 56. No medals for Bhutan this time. The Netherlands Archery Federation together wit the Bhutan Archery federation and bhutan+partners will assess support to the Bhutan for the next Olympic gamers in Rio, 2016

Another Olympic athlete associated to Bhutan is world champion cyclo-cross Mrs. Marianne Vos. In 2011 she attended the royal wedding in Bhutan 2011 and conducted clinics to unemployed youth and members of the Bhutan Olympic Committee. Marianne won the Olympic gold medal in a breathtaking women’s cycle race over 140 km on 29 July 2012.

Bhutan+partners supported the training of the Bhutanese archer in July 2012 in the Netherlands en coordinated the program for Marinanne in Bhutan in 2011.

watch the clip of Marianne Vos in Bhutan


July 10, 2012

‘queen of bhutan’ tulip

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Her majesty the Queen of Bhutan, Ashi Jetsun Pema Wangchuck, selected a Dutch Tulip cultivated by Mr. Jeroen van der Hoek of Fluwel that will bear the name: Queen of Bhutan. The tulip is scheduled to be launched at the Floriade Bhutan day, 22 September 2012.

Bhutan+partners’ initiative for the Queen of Bhutan Tulip is a gift to the Royal Couple of Bhutan for their marriage October 2011.
Fluwel based in the northern coast line of the Netherlands excels in Tulip cultivation and recently opened a tulip theme park explaining the history of the bulb, that apparently grew as a wild flower in the Himalayans.
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July 10, 2012

bhutan film industry

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bhutan+partners has set a step forwards developing the Bhutan film industry.
June 2012 bhutan+partners director, Henk de Jong, conducted meetings with representatives from the film industry and the Royal office of Media to discuss the Thimphu Cine Centre, film fund and Bhutan film society. In July a Netherlands-Belgian investment team visits Bhutan to assess possibilities for joint ventures.
Henk de Jong attended the opening of City Cinema, a two theatre film complex at the top floor of the City Mall, where he met with actresses Tandin Bidha and Kezang D. Wangmo