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May 29, 2012

dorji wangchuck in financieel dagblad

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Dorji Wangchuck, filmmaker. writer, intellectual and director Royal of Media visited the Netherlands last week to speak at PINC 13 about the Bhutan philosophy of Gross National Happiness. He explained that happiness can be seen as an element of contentment, a state in which people are satisfied with what they possess: wealth, skills, and a potentials to explore. An inner state of mind striving to be good to others, nature and future.

Dorji Wangchuck was interviewed by the Financial Daily (financieel dagblad) explaining the  essentials of Gross National Happiness.

May 24, 2012

article about sports program

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Bhutan Today published an article about the sports coalition in action program in Thimphu Bhutan on 17 May 2012.

The sports program, coordinated by bhutan+partners for the Dutch Ministry of Public Health, Sports and Welfare, will formally be closed down end June 2012.

Mark Blankwater, community sports trainer, will travel to Bhutan from 25 May to 16 June. He will work with the youth workers at chang jiji and will also train a fresh group of youth workers from different departments and NGO’s. Erica Sluyters and Henk de Jong, both bhutan+partners, will travel to Bhutan for the official closure. A toolkit is being written to guide future sports youth workers. For more info about the sportsprogram:

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May 23, 2012

bhutan+partners activities 2011

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Bhutan+partners report about their activities 2011: bhutan+partners activities 2011

2011 was a special year for bhutan+partners. Out of many activities, the highlight was the invitation to attend the royal wedding in Bhutan. The wedding in the Punnakha temple, the festivities in the capital city and the party in the stadium were tremendous.

The visit by Erica Terpstra and Marianne Vos in October 2011 was a highlight for the youngsters joining the Sports program in Chang Jiji. Besides the inspiring talks by Mrs Terpstra and Marianne Vos, Marianne gave clinics and went with the youngsters on a tour from Paro to Thimphu.

Full report of bhutan+partners activities – English language:  bhutan+partners activities 2011

Full report of bhutan+partners activities – Dutch Language: bhutan+partners activiteiten 2011