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November 28, 2011

bhutan+partners strengthen relation with bhutan

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Bhutan+partners strengthened their relation with Bhutan during a dinner hosted by the Bhutan Society of  the United Kingdom on the occasion of the Society’ 20th anniversary on 25th November 2011. Their majesties the King and Queen of Bhutan attended the dinner at the Inner Temple, London, and met with Bhutanese students, representatives of European friendship associations and members of the UK friendship association.

Henk de Jong and Erica Sluyters, Albert van der Schaaf and his wife Paula represented respectively bhutan+partners and the friends of Bhutan in the Netherlands.

The Bhutanese students and the European representatives were officially introduced to their majesties.

Henk de Jong had the honour and opportunity to inform HM about the 4000 tulip bulbs sent to Bhutan as a gift to the Royal Couple by the World Horticultural Expo Floriade 2012 and the International Flower Bulb Centre with support of  the Dutch Embassy in New Delhi and bhutan+partners. He also informed Her Majesty about the request to name one newly cultivated tulip ‘Queen of Bhutan’.

Their majesties are on a private visit to the United Kingdom. They have spent their honeymoon working with state visits to India and Japan.

On 26 november Henk de Jong and Erica Sluyters joined the European representatives for an informal meeting. Mr van der Schaaf was also present. The group exchanged information and  discussed developments in Bhutan and mutual interests in specific programs.

November 15, 2011

bhutan+partners support film initiative

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Bhutan+partners support the initiative to film the film ‘Heart in the Mandala’  a modern love story. The film, employing the motif of the Bhuddist Mandala, explores human choice and the interconnectedness of love, human action, divinity, fate and the universe.

The film is directed by Dechen Roder and her brother Dhondup Roder. Dechen is a Bhutanese filmmaker. Her short film ‘an original photocopy of happiness’ was recently selected for official competition at the Brussels International film festival 2011. Dhondup is an alumnus of SVA New York and works as a designer in Bhutan and New York.

You can help make this film. Dechen and Dondup have entered ‘heart in the mandala’ on kickstarter where you find information about the film, the directors and possibilities to support the making of the film.

We have known Dechen Rhoder for some years now and she is one of the most talented and creative filmmakers in Bhutan at the moment. We warmly recommend the making of ‘heart in the Mandala’.

Heart in the Mandala: kickstarter

November 1, 2011

beskop tshechu – short films festival

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Bhutan’s short film festival – Beskop Tshechu – was held in Thimphu on 22 October 2011. The Event was first organized in 2010. Dechen Roder, a filmmaker herself, is the women behind the Tshechu, which provides an outlet for short films which otherwise had no audience apart form family and friends.Within the rapidly evolving Bhutanese film industry that generally takes after the formula releases of Bollywood, there is a small group experimenting with filming in the hope of producing something different and thought provoking.In this group are independent filmmakers, mainstream filmmakers, script writers, artists, and animators, who make documentaries, art, experimental, or offbeat films, which usually draws critics rather than the theatre going public.

Dechen Rhoder’s film ‘Original Photocopy of Happiness’ and ‘The Container’ by Jamyang Dorji, will be shown at the Brussels independent film festival 2011.

more info about the Beskop tshechu:

unappealing to usual moviegoers

Laday Chhopel wins Nu 30,000 first prize