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April 28, 2011

bhutan film industry

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bhutan+partners asses the film industry in bhutan, summer 2011 together with european experts on film making, distribution and marketing.
The analysis of the present situation of the film industry in bhutan will result in a report, including recommendations to make the film industry commercially sound. The assessment covers all stages of filmmaking and production including distribution and marketing, within bhutan and worldwide with a focus  on profitability and quality development.

An article in Business Bhutan, on 23 April 2011, heads: a blockbuster called frustration. The article underlines the need for commercially sound recommendations as well constructive proposals for the different government departments and regular bodies involved.

April 25, 2011

impression bhutan+partners

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Watch an impression of bhutan+partners’ work over the passed few years, reflecting our partnership with Bhutan in sports, culture, environment and business.

Bhutan+partners focus on sustainable business relations with bhutan and explore opportunities  to commercialize the Bhutan film industry.

For more information, please contact bhutan+partners

April 19, 2011

sports chang jiji – very much alive

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The street football team from Chang Jiji did not make it to the semi finals although they did not lose one match! But the team is determined to join the next match because they had a good time together and feel that with a little bit of luck they will make it a step further next time!

This is just one of the many activities taking place in Chang Jiji to get  the youth to come to the youth centre, joint sports events or other activities. It is the only way to get the youth to trust the youth workers and slowly make a next step. Would it not be great to have the youth dream again about what they want to achieve in life and support them to transform their dreams and make them reality. This is what the youth team goes for. You can follow news from Chang Jiji throught the website

bhutan+partners is the main coordinator of the program which is financed by the Ministry of Public Health Welfare and Sports in the Netherlands.