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February 27, 2011

lively relations Bhutan – the Netherlands

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26 February  students, politicians, entrepreneurs and friends of Bhutan celebrated the birthday of HM Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, King of Bhutan,  in the Hague. Guests of Honor were the Bhutan Ambassador in Brussels His Excellency Dasho Sonam Tobden Rabgye and Mrs Erica Terpstra.

Karma Geley spoke on architecture and town planning in Bhutan, Theatre Embassy embarked on their future theatre project in Bhutan, a rough cut of the film ’86 centimetres’ was screened and the new travel book about Bhutan ‘Te Gast in Bhutan’ was presented to the Ambassador and Erica Terpstra.

Erica Terpstra took the opportunity to prepare her trip to Bhutan for Max TV, mid March 2011.

Te gast in Bhutan

February 19, 2011

86 centimetres website on air

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The documentary on the threat of a glacial lake outburst flooding at Thorthormi lake in Bhutan is about  to be released.

The doc, made by TGMI Bhutan, PJ van der Burgh and bhutan+partners, follows Tashi, a young farmer form Paro, fighting to prevent a flood and ecological disaster. He and his 350 mates work three months to manually dig an outlet that should reduce the pressure on the moraine dams of the glacial lakes. If an outburst occurs, land an livelihoods will be destroyed, burdening Bhutan with a  water and economic crisis for several decades.

The doc also shows the thoughts, aspirations and love of Tashi for his family and his country.

Watch the website and the trailer on 86 centimetres

February 18, 2011

bhutan+partners met gunter pauli

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Bhutan+partners met Prof Gunter Pauli on 17 februari 2011 at KesselsKramer, Amsterdam to speak about environmental programmes with Bhutan.  Gunter Pauli shared his recent work and relation with Bhutan with a selected audience of 12 environmentalists, investors and network specialists from the Netherlands and Bhutan. Prof Pauli gave insight in his meetings with the Bhutanese government to collaborate  in the areas of (among others) waste management, development of biofuel and bio-plastics and the set up of a Gross national Happiness fund. Some of  the innovations proposed by Gunter Pauli are ready to get started or tested. The export of buckwheat to Sweden, wrapped in locally produced bio plastics will get shape soon. The introduction of generating energy from electricity poles by prayer flags attached to the poles as well as distilling biofuel (turpentine) from blue pine trees and several other business cases are being assessed with the government of Bhutan and a team of specialists.

Prof Pauli and some participants will continue their lively exchange of ideas and opinions on environment, climate change, livelihoods and economy.

the blue economy