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January 16, 2011

passive houses?

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bhutan+partners expands its 2011 activities. Next to the youth and sports program, support to the film industry and the release of its documentary , …86 centimetres   by the end of January, bhutan+partners creates b2b networks promoting a sustainable economy in Bhutan and the Netherlands. For this  project we support the chambre of commerce and the ministry of economic affairs in Bhutan and interested Dutch companies to develop a common strategy towards energy reduction, “passive” (energy neutral) housing construction and designing carbon emission free  cities.

A report on this subject will be posted beginning of February.

A report on

January 11, 2011

film industry bhutan

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During his recent visit to Bhutan Henk de Jong met with representatives of the Bhutan film industry. Bhutan+partners will support film productions houses developing into  commercially vibrant enterprises, making films for the domestic as well for the foreign markets. March 2011 an film industry expert will work with Bhutan film makers on a roadmap to success. It is expected that in future Bhutanese films will enter the international film festivals more frequently.

January 11, 2011

melting roof becomes …86 centimetres

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De glacial lake outburst flooding doc., produced by bhutan+partners changed it’s title.

The working title of the documentary – Melting Roof, is now …86 centimetres referring to the  water level brought down by  370 brave men and women from July – september 2009. Their work reduced the pressure on the moraine dam of  Thorthormi glacial lake in the Bhutan Himalayan mountains. By October 2011 the water level should have come down by 5, 5 meters.

The documentary  shows us the first success of  extensive  manual work aimed at  preventing Bhutan from a disaster: when the moraine dam of the Thorthormi glacial lake breaks 50 million cubic meters of water will rush down the valleys.

The doc will be released by the end of January 2011. More info:  bhutan + partners’s environment page