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December 15, 2011

jackets fieldworkers thorthormi

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The Umoja Climate Fund contributed gore tex jackets to the project field workers working at Thorthormi lake from August to mid October 2011 to reduce the water level in the lake.

The following results were achieved through field work at the glacial lake :

1. Main Thorthormi lake –  water level reduced by: 1.45 m
2. Subsidiary lake II – water level reduced by: 1.1m

The overall achievements so far are 3.68m reduction in the lake water level of the main Thorthormi glacier lake. This includes 0.86m in 2009, 1.37m in 2010 and 1.45m in 2011.

The water level reduction of 5m by the end of the project will definitely reduce the risk of glof originating from the lake. However, there will still be certain level of risk posed by thorthormi lake and other glacial lakes in the headwaters of Pho Sub-basin. in this regard, the department of energy under the same glof project has installed fully automatic early warning stations to warn the downstream population in the valley in case of unforeseen glof disaster from those glacier lakes:  including the present lake where we are doing the glof risk mitigation work.

Mr Dowchu Drukpa mentioned that: “The jackets have been very popular among the workers and in fact, some of the local workers (from Lunana area) joined the project mainly because of the jacket. The jackets have been very good in terms of quality and varying size options.”

Bhutan+partners supported the Umoja Climate Fund with information and coordination of this Jacket Project.

December 13, 2011

cycling in bhutan

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Marianne Vos, Dutch professional cyclist travelled to Bhutan in October 2011. She conducted two clinics and did a tour with 25 trained and untrained cyclists from Paro to Thimphu to commemorate the Royal Wedding of His Majesty the King of Bhutan to Ashi Jetsun Pema.

Mark Blankwater, a Dutch youth sports worker, trained the youth workers of a sports program running in Thimphu and financed by the Dutch government. Marianne Vos worked with some of the youth enrolled in the sports program. The youth also joined in the Paro-Thimphu tour.

Both Mark and Marianne were interviewed for an article on cycling in Bhutan. The article was published in the Dutch magazine ‘Fiets’ (Bicycle), #12,December 2011. The 4-page article talks about Marianne’s and Mark’s experiences in Bhutan, the example set by His Majesty the King who cycles to the remotest districts and in Thimphu, the challenges to make Thimphu biking city #1 in Asia and the sports program.

Full article in Dutch – Fiets #12, December 2012

More information about the sports program:

December 1, 2011

special edition bhutan+partners news letter

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Bhutan+partners issued a special edition newsletter in English. The special edition updates our English speaking partners about the contribution from the Netherlands to the Royal Wedding festivities in Bhutan in October 2011; the sports activity organized as a contribution to the Royal Wedding celebrations, the press delegation that travelled to Bhutan from the Netherlands to report about the Royal Wedding for the Dutch public and the flower bulbs sent by the World Horticultural Expo Floriade 2012 and the International Flowerbulb Centre supported by the Dutch Embassy in New Delhi.

The sportive press delegation generated articles and radio/TV items about the sports program, the Royal Wedding and Bhutan in general in the Netherlands:

Radio – 5 interviews
TV – 5 interviews/reports, coverage: 3,490,000
Magazines/newspapers/Websites – 17 articles, coverage over 2,500,000
Twitter – 16,000

read the newsletter:bhutan_wedding_newsletter_07

overview media coverage:

press the Netherlands October 2011

coverage media 2011