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December 19, 2010

henk de jong visits bhutan

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Henk de Jong, director bhutan+partners, visits Bhutan from 12 to 23 December.
Henk went to bhutan to prepare for our new projects, to evaluate existing programs and discuss future plans with partners, friends and officials.
He works with the Youth Development Fund team and other partners on the Sport Coalitions in Action Program. Together they evaluate the developments so far and re-adjust  the program for 2011. He also met with Reinout van Santen. Reinout  will guide the sports team to gathering information for the monitoring and evaluation system.
Henk also went to Thimphu to work on the film industry project and look into possibilities for business to business contacts. He attended a meeting with the motion picture association and filmers in Bhutan and participates in meetings with representatives of the ministry of economic affairs, chamber of commerce and business community.

Henk attended the National Day celebrations in Thimphu on 17 december, at which HM the King expressed condolences to the families of all the victims  of  the plane crash.

His Majesty’s national day address – Bhutan 2010
His Majesty awards medals – 17 December 2010

December 5, 2010

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The bhutan+partners documentary melting roof was pre-screened at KesselsKramer, Amsterdam,  2 December 2010.  The 73 hours of footage turned into a 39 minutes story about  370 man and women fighting to prevent Bhutan from a GLOF (glacial lake outburst flooding) that will wash away houses, land, cattle, and people in the downstream valley of  the Himalayan Thorthormi glacial lake.

The film director from Bhutan Tshering Gyeltshen visited the Netherlands to introduce the film to a selected audience that was invited to comment on the film before it will be released in January 2011. It was decided to change the title, to be revealed soon, which will stress the heroic excavation works at the glacial lake. Overall the  audience complimented the film directors for the impressive footage, the storyline and the choise for Tashi as a very natural main character.