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November 20, 2010

bhutan+partners enters film industry

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After building up a track record in  film production, starting  from 2011, bhutan+partners will support Bhutanese film makers and producers to further develop the Bhutan film industry. Bhutan+partners will assess actual scriptwriting, sound/light engineering, marketing and distribution systems and will draw a film support program 2011 – 2013 with partners in Bhutan and the Netherlands.

Dutch and Bhutanese film producers are invited to contact us for further information.
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November 16, 2010

sports program into camping and rafting

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the sports coalitions in action Bhutan coaches, Tashi and Kesang, took six youth from Thimphu, for a camping trip to Phunakha. They set up their tents at the riverside and cooked their food over a fire. Besides night fishing, the  youth went for adventurous rafting on the Phunkha Chu. Rafting was a completely new  experience to all and a frightening to some of them. It taught them about courage, teamwork and perseverance!  The trip was a perfect setting  to build up trust among the youth and the sports youth coaches. It encouraged all participants to continue with the sports program.