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October 19, 2010

white walls turn blue and bright orange

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Youth in Chang Jiji decided that the walls of the youth centre in Chang Jiji should be painted blue and bright orange.The painting is finally done. We were all quite busy, even painting over the weekend. It was the first time for all of us to paint, but we had fun learning it. The centre looks much better, brighter and attractive now. It will look even better with designs on the walls. Asha Karma will help us to design and paint these. We will all become artists!


October 1, 2010

sports program youth on the move

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The sport coalitions in action program has started off with a group  of eight boys from Chang JiJi, Thimphu.

The boys got connected to the program through basketball and expressed their intentions at a meeting with the program team and the director of the Youth Development Foundation. All of them are out of school without a job. Most of them are reportedly recovering from unhealthy habits. A few boys want to go back to school, one boy wants to become a driver, others want to become an automobile technician, a coffee shop assistant, or tourist guide. By registering the participants got a sports ID card, making them part of the sport coalitions in action program.

The youth centre in Chang JiJi will be renovated from today onwards. Renovations works are being done by the youth under supervision of one of Bhutan’s most renowned artists, Asha Karma of Vast Bhutan.