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September 19, 2010

climate documentary in final stage

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The documentary on the danger of glacial lake outburst flooding (GLOF) made at the Thorthormi lake in the Bhutan Himalayan mountains will be finalized by the end of september 2011. The documentary will then  be ready for entries at film festivals and screening at forums on climate change such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference Cancun from 29 November – 10 December 2010.

Visit cop 16 Cancun and bhutan + partners’s environment page

September 19, 2010

sport program continues…

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The sport coalition in action program run by bhutan+partners, the Youth Development Fund and the Department of Youth and Sports in Bhutan is developing gradually. After having started a basketball team, the Bhutan program partners will further focus on new sports activities to attract youth and to support them finding jobs or vocational training. A remarkable development is the enrollment of several Chang JiJi youth basketball players back into school or computer courses. Some of them however continue using drugs and require extra efforts of the program team in Thimphu.