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July 26, 2010

outburst thorthormi glacier lake

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Glacial Lake Outburst Flooding (GLOF) is a threat to Bhutan with hundreds of glacier lakes out of which more than 25 are in danger of bursting out due to global warming.

Bhutan+Partners, together with the government and the people of Bhutan is concerned about the effects of a possible GLOF that may flood and wash away thousands of houses, fertile soil and may ask the lives of Bhutanese citizens. Bhutan+Partners issues a documentary on GLOF October 2010. Filming and editingĀ is done by TGMI Bhutan and edited by Enlightenment films, the Netherlands.

watch the trailer at: GLOF Bhutan

July 25, 2010

sport coalitions in action, July 2010

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A meeting on the Sport Coalitions in Action Program was held on July 16, 2010 while Henk de Jong, Meinou Steemers and Mark Blankwater were in Thimphu. The main focus for the next months will be on:

1. Design and execute activity program DYS Youth Centre in collaboration with YDF and other stakeholders.
2. Renew the facilities at the Youth Centre, together with the youth and involve youth in organizing and implementing sports activities.
3. Renew the playground near the Youth Centre.

We expect that the new facilities can be used from September onwards and that the activity program will be ready by that time. According to the planning, the next phase will beĀ the identification of participants and to start working with a specific number of boys and girls from the target group. We are happy with all the steps taken during the past few weeks and are confident that all ingredients are there to continue working and to make the program successful!

July 17, 2010

corrine heijn meets business women in thimphu

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Corinne Heijn, the founder of UnitedSucces and then board member of bhutan+partners, visited Bhutan in July 2010. After having burned butter lamps at the nunnery in Thimphu, she met with a group of business women in Thimphu, among which were Dago Beda, Phub Zam, Phuntshok and Kesang Anayat.