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June 2, 2010

monitoring and evaluation system of the sports program in bhutan

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The sports program is on its way and it is running well!

The program and the working methods are quite new to Bhutan, reason why we develop an M&E system not only to follow the progress and program outcomes, but also to codify and evaluate the process and working methods used.

We had an inspiring meeting with Frank van Eekeren and Meinou Steemers, Utrecht School of Governance (USBO) on Friday 28th May on these subjects.
Meinou will join Mark Blankwater in Bhutan in July 2010. They will team up with the program staff in Bhutan to develop the community based approach of this program and to train on the M&E system. Meinou is an expert in the field of sport policy & sport management. She will design a base line study and start describing the working methods, which we use during the program.

June 1, 2010

mark blankwater reports form bhutan

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Hi, this message is from Mark Blankwater, sports and community consultant for the Sport Coalitions in Action Bhutan program.

Last two weeks (beginning to mid May) I visited Bhutan for the second time. The first days we met with Renew, The Bhutan Football Federation, the Bhutan Basketball Federation and the Department of Youth and Sports under the ministry of Education. We had fruitful discussions about the program and possible ways of working together. Besides the meetings I visited the main location of the sports program: Chang Jiji a couple of times, to observe the social environment, to meet youngsters and visit the youth centre of the department of youth and sports of the Education Ministry (DYS). We explored possibilities to improve and renew the centre and develop and organize new activities. The youth centre will play an important role in the program and is the place to meet the youth from Chang Jiji and build a relationship with the youngsters. Besides the youth centre the sports playground is another important place for the program. The existing playground is sort of a basketball court on a parking place and requires improvement. It turned out that there are plans for the local government to create a big playground in the future with all kind of facilities for young people in the area. The development of a multipurpose sports playground fits well into their future plans. At the final stakeholders workshop I gave a presentation about the program, based on the input from the partner organizations. The program entails community-based work and sports focusing vulnerable youth, with at least 30 participants.

It was a very inspiring mission as we are on the right track together. The YDF program team and all the stakeholders, show enthusiasm and are ready to make the Sports Coalitions in Action Program a success!

Mark Blankwater